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Multi-colored Amazonite Lotus Flower LAVAroma™ Aromatherapy Bracelet

Multi Colored Amazonite Lotus Flower LavaRoma™ Aromatherapy Bracelet

$ 26.00

8mm frosted Amazonite beads & Lava rock, with Pewter (lead free) lotus flower charm. These Amazonite beads have beautiful colors, all very unique in nature.

Amazonite is valued because it promotes clear communication. Inspires creativity and personal expression.

Strung on high quality stretch cord. To maintain the integrity of the cord only apply essential oils directly to the lava rocks.

This Amazonite Aroma Bracelet is available in 6-1/2", 7", 7-1/2" & 8" sizes. Free Shipping in the US!

YES! Custom sizes are available upon request! Click here to contact us.

Not sure about the right size? Click here to see our special guide on "How to Get the Right Bracelet Size".

Significance of the lotus flower: the lotus flower is a symbol of purity. The roots of the flower grow in muddy water, while the lotus flower rises above the mud to bloom clean and fragrant. The mud nourishing the roots represents life's challenges, while the beautiful flower represents rising above them.

A Zen verse says,"May we exist in muddy water with purity, like a lotus."

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