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Magnetic Bracelet of Hematite and Amethyst

Hematite And Amethyst Magnetic Bracelet

$ 26.00

Bracelet includes: Naturally magnetic hematite surrounded by 6mm round semi-precious Amethyst. Strong 5,000 gauss stainless steel, easy-on magnetic closure.

A beautiful combination of hematite and amethyst make this design a real treasure!  Magnets can assist one in regulating one's energy field, so helps you feel more grounded and stabilized if you've been feeling too spacey lately. 

Available in 6-1/2" up to 8" sizes. Free Shipping in the US!

Not sure about the right size? Click here to See our special guide on "How to Get the Right Bracelet Size".

YES! Custom sizes are available upon request! Click here to contact us.

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